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Time Of Self Discovery During The Stay At Home Order

Over the last 11 weeks I have had some time of self discovery during the stay at home order.

Time of self discovery during the stay at home order

During the recent stay at home order many of us have been using this time of self discovery and introspection to grow.

I don’t think anyone who has spent this much time at home has not experienced some form of personal growth.

It has been said more than once, “if you come out of this season unchanged, something is wrong.”

Yet in the beginning it was merely about surviving.

In The Beginning

When this began I, like most was naive about how long this would go on.

I did not think this would be going on for an extended period of time.

For that reason I decided it was the perfect time to tackle my long home project to do list.

I was working myself into a frenzy staying busy homeschooling and working on those long overdue home projects.

This kept me from really facing what was going on, a form of denial.

Afraid of my own thoughts and the stress of losing my job led me to keep busy frenzy.

Can you relate?

These were not bad behaviors, but behaviors that kept me from facing reality.

Once I came to the realization this was not going to come to an end any time soon, it was time for changes.

Maybe you were in the same frame of mind.

Time Of Self Discovery

Changes because I was not able to sustain that path financially or physically.

Initially after being at home for about a month, I was missing my runs to Target, Starbucks and thrift stores for fun.

Anyone? I know you are out there.

I did those runs almost every Friday.

Friday was my day off and I always felt I didn’t have time for much else.

During this time of introspection I realized those meaningless trips were a way of distracting myself from some things in my life.

I decided it was the perfect time to get back some basics of living and let go of some ideals I had.

Getting back to basics

By getting back to basics I meant slowing down and learning to love the simple things in life again.

Slowing down the home projects and spending time doing things I had only wished I had more time for, pre-covid.

I had complained for several years that I did not have time to cook nice made from scratch meals, or time to truly enjoy playing with my kids.

No time to learn new things or garden.

Really no time for myself, or so I thought.

I know I am not alone in my complaints.

We have been a stressed, overworked society for a long time.

Thinking we needed “busy work” to feel accomplished and powerful in some way.

Not being consumed with our schedules was opening me up to new things.

Giving me a type of personal freedom I had not previously experienced.

This unprecented time at home was becoming a gift of time, that I would not have been given otherwise.

The Gift Of Time, Finding The Good

This gift of time was giving me the opportunity to enjoy life and for that I am grateful.

Enjoying life without all the stress of work, extra curricular activities, schedules and all the things we fill our time with.

It became a time of learning new skills, taking classes online and having more frequent, online get togethers with friends and self discovery.

Long talks with my kids without rushing them so I could get to the next thing.

Time seemed to become more valuable and was used more wisely with simple things and meaningful conversations.

I have started using this time of introspect to become a better wife, parent, friend, cook and mentor.

Every day has not been easy by any means.

I have seen a lot of suffering, fear and death during all this, but choose to find joy in the little things.

I feel if I don’t use this time to grow myself in some meaningful way that it is time wasted.

Looking to read more about giving yourself more time, read here.

So where do we go from here?

What Is Next

So maybe you are wondering what is next?

For me, I am working through that now, figuring out how I will continue on with this slower paced life.

This is the perfect time to permanently rid yourself of all that is not necessary.

I am not saying never do some of the things we did prior to this, but to use our time more wisely and in meaningful ways.

Serving others in our communities and continuing on the path of growth.

Eventually I will be back at work like many of you.

Not certain that I will go back to teaching, but I have to return to some form of work.

This gift of time I have been given has made me realize that truly being present in everyday life is so much better than just going through the motions.

It is important to me that I continue on this path of self exploration.

That most likely means making some big changes.

The gift of simple, every day life is something I desire to continue for myself and my family.

So you may ask yourself, what have I learned during this time at home?

What changes have you made or will make?

If you are looking for more ways to continue this path to self discovery read here.

Something to think about.

Till next time



Sonya Burgess

Sonya is graduate of Guilford College and a preschool teacher who lives at the North Carolina coast with her husband of 25 years, their three children ages 19,18,12 and their rescue dog Goldie. Her youngest child was recently diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum and she has a heart for encouraging other special needs mamas. One of her favorite out door activities is hanging out at the beach with her family searching for sea glass. She also enjoys doing diy projects and decorating her home on a budget. Sonya blogs at encouraging women to create a beautiful, intentional life and home.

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