TWP 109: Breaking the Chains with Sarah Caton

In this episode we talk about Sarah’s deconstructing of religious beliefs in her life. Sarah and I have very similar backgrounds with highly religious and evangelical families, and we have an open conversation discussing how that affected each of us, as well as what she’s learned since deconstruction, and helped her find her way in the world and how She’s been living and creating life on my own terms since.

Sarah worked as a biologist in Rocky Mountain National Park after college, thinking she was going do that forever. But life diverted her to becoming a mother and owning a preschool in Boulder, CO. She is very grateful for all the experiences and beautiful connections made in those nine years, however she found the work to be exhausting and felt like business ownership took everything out of her.

She realized what she really wants to do with her one, precious life is make art, write books, and play music. So she closed down the school, moved into the mountains and started aiming to support herself with her true passions. Now her dreams are coming true. Sarah has co-founded Voices Rising Press and this year she plans to publish her first book, record her first album and has started booking music gigs again after a very long hiatus.

She is at a place in her life where she lets her heart lead the way and believes love is the answer to every question. By sharing her authentic voice Sarah hopes to help others heal and follow their own dreams as well.

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