TWP 102: Climate Feminism with Dr. Tamara Yakabawski

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In this episode I get to talk with Dr. Tamara Yakaboski. This is the perfect episode to listen to with Earth Day being only a could days away. We talk about the idea of Climate Feminism which is a new term for me. We dive into things like patriarchy, climate change, recycling, and all things Mother Earth. This was enlightening for me in many ways, and I hope it is for you as well!

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Tamara Yakaboski, PhD, a recovering academic and rule-follower, now supports others transformations to break out of the rule book and live an unapologetic life in relation with nature. Tamara weaves together supportive partnerships with aspiring and current knowledge creators, community shapers, paradigm shifters, and rule breakers. She uses her over-achieving trauma patterns to help women stand in their inner wisdom to go against the mainstream and live their impact. She does this through her unique G.R.O.W. methodology that helps women (re)connect to themselves, community, and nature.

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