TWP 013: Guest Kari Little

On this episode of The We Podcast I interview Kari Little. Kari is a trainer, speaker, mentor, wife, & founder and CEO of Live Now LLC.  Kari has 30+ years of business experience. Her background includes sales, consulting, project management, training and entrepreneurial experience. In business and in personal life, there have been many successes and losses through out the years.  Kari says that she chooses to view the losses as lessons learned and growth opportunities.

In her personal world, Kari suffered multiple tragedies involving family, friends and business colleagues, which have been her greatest challenge. When she was 14, her friend, at the young age of 16 was murdered. 10 years later her brother was murdered, he was 27 years old. In a 10-year period (2006 – 2016) she experienced the loss of 17 people, 10 of them tragically were to suicide. It is through processing these losses and her pursuit of personal development and healing that she was encouraged to share her story and create a way to reach out to others.

Kari has transformed her grief into a passion to give hope and support to others by sharing her wisdom and insights through her compassionate workshops and training sessions. Her mission with Live Now LLC is to encourage others to share their stories, provide tools to overcome adversity, learn, grow and empower people to focus forward. To connect with Kari and learn more about her services and what she’s up to, you can find her on Facebook (Live Now LLC), Instagram (@karilittle.mte), and on her website (

“It’s never too late to create a plan and reach your biggest dreams and goals. This is your time to Live Now Not Later” — Kari Little

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