TWP 016: Guest Chelsea Matthews

Welcome to Episode #16 of The We Podcast! This week I get to chat with Chelsea Matthews.  Chelsea is a licensed financial professional who has a combined 16 years experience with her husband. Together they wrote the book “Let’s Fight About Money” to help couples communicate about money, handle conflict, and build an Unbreakable Financial House.

Her career began as a single mom who struggled with the feeling that she had to choose between financial success and family success. She was either making money and not spending time with her son, or spending time with her son and broke. She didn’t want to have to choose one or the other anymore and knew there had to be a better way. Wanting to teach her son the tools to be happy & successful, she set out on a journey to learn it for herself. She began learning How Money Really Works and teaching her son along the way. He now teaches other kids Good money habits and her mission, along with her husband, is to transform people’s lives through their finances; so they can build an unbreakable Financial House, create their dream life and share the gifts they were designed for.

I love that we are able to have a candid conversation about a wide array of topics from money, single parenthood, and blended families, to self worth and value and cultural experiences. Such important and topics to be having conversations about! I know that you will want to connect with Chelsea and get to know her better! You can find her on Facebook (Chelsea Riess Matthews), Instagram (@1chelseamatthews), and on her website (

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