TWP 032: Aubree Monares – Being Human

I am very excited about my guest this week on The We Podcast! I get to chat with my amazing daughter Aubree. Aubree is a college student studying elementary education. I have been trying to get her on here for months and she has finally said yes! We talk about our relationship, how me going public and sharing my story has affected our relationship, about big life transitions like going to college, why being human is so important, and lots more.

If you are a mama you must listen to this! I hope this will give you some encouragement to follow your dreams and take those bold steps to fully move into who you are! The world needs to know you and so do your children! I love to be able to get this inside perspective from a child.

Thank you so much Aubree for sharing your heart and your insight with all of us! You are a true blessing! Thank you for being courageous and saying yes!

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