TWP 034: Nick Monares – Growing Together

This week on The We Podcast I have a very special guest! He was very apprehensive to be here. It took a lot of convincing, but he finally agreed. My guest is my hubby, Nick Monares. Nick is a dad, a husband, and a diesel mechanic who is working on expanding his horizons. He is a huge support to me and backs me in so many ways to be able to do what I do. I am very grateful for him and his support of all my shenanigans. I’m excited for you to meet him and hear a little about our relationship and who he is.

He is a man of few words so this was totally outside his comfort zone. I’m super proud of him for coming on and allowing me to chat with him in this space. I love that we can feature our very different personalities in a real way and show that it’s always possible to grow together. Relationships are hard and take lots of work and I agree with nick, it’s vital to be on the same team and work together. We talk about our struggles in marriage, our story, and what he thinks about growth and what that look like together.

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