TWP 036: Dani Hughes – When the Holidays Aren’t Always Jolly and Bright

On this episode my guest is Danielle Hughes aka Dani. Dani has been my guest on here before in a few of the previous episodes. We have worked in the counseling world together for many years and she is my go to person whenever we need to broach a topic that can be difficult. She is also a leader in The We Community!

During this episode we talk about the holidays and how they can be very hard for people for a multitude of reasons. We are passionate about talking about this because we both believe it’s not talked about enough. If people are sad during the holidays they are expected to ACT happy. So if the holidays are hard for you, or anyone you know… we hope that this is helpful. We walk you through the process of working through uncomfortable emotions, how to talk to someone who is dealing with loss, and lots of other tidbits of info that we think you need to know.

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We hope you have enjoy this episode of podcast and that you have take away some nuggets of insight you will be able to apply to help you get through this holiday season. We also hope you find comfort in the understanding that this is a difficult time of year for many  people. The more we can reach out and start talking about it, the more we can create a movement and feel less alone during this time of year and always. The key is reaching out. So reach out and get connected with us over on social media!

Thank you for being here! It means a lot to us!

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