TWP 040: Ken Walls – Breakthrough Walls – From Victim to Victor

Welcome to episode #40! The first episode of 2019! Say what!? Happy New Year! We are very excited about the awesome things we have in store for this year! We want to kick off 2019 in a wonderful way… and we can’t think of a better way to do it than with this episode with the amazing Ken Walls!

Ken is the CEO and Founder of Client Solution Innovations. He has taken the tragedies of his life, from childhood into adulthood and used them to intuitively know how to help just about anyone expand in their lives and business. In fact, he even wrote a bestselling book about it called, “Walls of Wisdom: Turning Pain Into Profit”.

With first hand knowledge of the power of a positive mindset and 30 years experience in business, technology, sales and marketing, he founded Client Solution Innovations, a powerful technology and strategy marketing consulting firm. He helps entrepreneurs identify where they may be stuck and how to breakthrough whatever it is that may be holding them back from fulfilling their true potential in business and in life. He has the honor of working and consulting with some pretty amazing business owners and celebrities around the world.

This interview is powerful in so many ways. We talk about his difficult past, struggles with addiction, and the path through the darkest days and into recovery. It is one you do not want to miss!  Ken’s story is powerful and his presence is one of claiming victory rather than getting stuck in the muck of victimhood. I SO appreciate his ability to be vulnerable and walk us through his authentic journey. I know this will help so many people. Thank you Ken, you are a positive and amazing force in this world!

Connect with Ken through his website, or through his Facebook and Instagram pages! You can also find his show “Breakthrough Walls”on Facebook as well!

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