TWP 045: Drue Metz – Foundation of Love

*Warning- This episode contains some strong language. There were some F-bombs dropped during the recording of this episode. Please be aware and listen with headphones or without children present.

Welcome to episode #45 “Foundation of Love”.  In this episode I interview Drue Metz. Drue is
an award-winning writer, film director, and mental health advocate. He believes
in the power of words, cinema, and that love can change the world.

Drue grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and lived in 10
homes before 10 years old.  He wasn’t
good at school because family finances kept them moving around a lot.  He was a poor kid with ADHD and dyslexia and loving
parents but no stability. He sought refuge in creative writing, film and
television.  He got the ‘film bug’ at age
9 when he stole his mother’s Hi-8 Video Camera and made his very first film.

He is now living in Los Angeles and has written, directed,
produced, shot or contributed to over 70 film and video productions.

Drue talks with us about his story, his conflictual relationship with his dad for a large part of his life, and how love has changed everything. His entire platform in life is to have a foundation of love. He is insightful and honest, and I totally appreciate his vulnerability.

If you would like to connect with Drue you can find him on Facebook, The Incredible Existence of You, The Love Effect, Instagram, and on his website.

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