TWP 046: Miki Sturges – Rising out of Shame

Welcome to episode #46 “Rising out of Shame”. In this episode, I get to interview Miki Sturges. Miki is a life coach who passionate about helping women get out of feelings of unworthiness and find their unique God-given greatness so that they can live a life filled with joy and smiles and be free to go after their dreams.

She herself has gone through horrendous experience of Domestic violence and betrayal, depression, and lost sight of her own value and worthiness along the way. With the help of God and many amazing people, she rediscovered her worth, took back her power and respect and found her God-given gift that she’s now using to help women do the same.

This is a powerful interview with a very beautiful hearted women! I can’t say enough how honored I am to have Miki share her story and be vulnerable with all of us.

!!Warning!! There could be triggering topics in this episode. We do talk about domestic violence and her experiences with abuse. If this is something that could trigger or upset you and your healing, please be aware of the content of this episode and skip it or ask someone for support if you decide to listen.

If you would like to Connect with Miki you can find her on Facebook and Instagram. Also check out her private Facebook group.

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