TWP 047: Things People Don’t Talk About – Shame, Success, & Sex

Welcome to episode #47 of The We Podcast! This episode is all about “The Things People Don’t Talk about- Shame, Success, & Sex”. In this episode I chat with The We Spot leadership team. This is the first episode in a series we will be doing where we talk about all the things that MOST people avoid.

HEADS UP!! In this episode we do cover sex. It’s a very open interview that gets a little risqué and raw so I will throw out the warning… Don’t listen with little ears, this episode is for mamas ears only. I’m not going to lie, there were a few points that seriously made me blush. So if you are uncomfortable with this kind of thing, you may want to skip it!

I absolutely love this round table approach to these difficult topics. We are a group of women with different backgrounds and beliefs so it’s fun to hear all the different perspectives and get lots of belly laughs in along the way. If you haven’t met my leadership team yet, you sure will here!

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