TWP 054: Dr. Natalie Phillips – Connecting with Confidence

Hey girl, it’s me… Welcome to episode #54 of The We Podcast- Connecting with Confidence. In this episode I get to talk with Dr. Natalie Phillips!

Dr. Natalie Phillips is passionate about building deep
relationships and authentic connections to help make a difference in the world
together.  She is committed to assisting
individuals and businesses to become more of who they are and to live out their
brand.  She believes in creating
environments in which people can connect on different levels to help their
businesses succeed.  She is the creator,
founder, and CEO of Connect4Excellence, LLC, a company dedicated to guide
individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses to connect to their own mission and
culture, to connect to others at organized events, to connect to their own
voice with a bigger audience on social media, and to connect to be able to give
back and create social impact.  She is
host of the Podcast, Connecting A Better World.

Dr. Phillips is also an Audiologist with Advanced Otolaryngology and Audiology in Fort Collins, Colorado.  In addition to seeing patients and diagnosing and treating hearing loss, tinnitus, and balance disorders of the ear, being involved in research and on clinical advisory boards, she has volunteered her time to travel overseas to India, Peru, Guyana, and Mexico as well as served in the United States as a Global Hearing Ambassador to deliver the gift of hearing with the Starkey Hearing Foundation by fitting hearing aids on people who are unable to afford the technology.

Natalie is an amazing force in this world and has knowledge
in so many areas. She’s also pure sunshine and an inspiration to so many. She is
someone that I instantly connected with and I can’t wait for you all to meet

Connect with Natalie:

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