TWP 055: Destiny DeHaven – Finding Your Magic

Welcome to episode number 55- Finding Your Magic!

In this episode I chat with Destiny DeHaven CEO and Owner of Your Magical Destiny.  

Destiny is a Pattern Breaker and Bullshit Detector who works
with those struggling and tired of living the life they were TOLD to live and
helps them live the life they were MEANT to live.

Using her skill set Destiny supports you to break your
patterns of self-doubt, self-sabotage and instead find Your Magical Destiny,
and most importantly take new ACTION. When you’re in alignment with your
passion, your purpose, and your secret sauce…YOU can ROCK. THE. WORLD. And Let’s
face it, the world could use a little rocking.

I had so much fun talking with her because she’s real and vulnerable and so knowledgeable. She knows how to dig in and help people with breaking out of those old beliefs and patterns. We talk about her story, parenting, and she also gives some tangible tips on how to get started breaking patterns in your own life and finding your magic.

Connect with Destiny:

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