TWP 056: Elenor Tedenborg – Soul’d on Life

Welcome to episode #56. In this episode I chat with Elenor Tedenborg. Elenor was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant in 2016. After her diagnosis, her life changed forever. She’s sharing her cancer journey in hope’s that she can help others by telling her story. She loves to be able to help others find themselves through their challenges.

She is the founder of Soul’d on Life and aims to inspire
people to a healthier lifestyle through sustainable choices. She has also
created her own granola which is a healthy product she sells at local farmers
markets. She believes it’s a stepping stone towards helping others choose healthier
options both physically and mentally.

Elenor is a true inspiration. Her outlook on life is one of hope and great depth that she attributes to being diagnosed with cancer. She is a true example of finding purpose in the pain. She talks about finding herself and being awakened after her finding out about the cancer. I think we can all learn from Elinor’s heart and wisdom. We all face challenges. She talks to us about how to embrace those challenges to find ourselves and a more fulfilling life.

Connect with Elenor on her Facebook and Instagram pages!

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