TWP 057: Betzy Valdez – B. Empowered

Hey girl! Welcome to episode number 57, Be Empowered!

In this episode I get to chat with Betzy Valdez. Betzy is originally from Pachuca, Hidalgo, Mexico, she came to the United States with her family 22 years ago, chasing the well-known “American Dream”. Greeley, Colorado is where her and her family have resided over the past 22 years and it’s a place, she calls home.

She has been married for 11 years to her supportive husband
Javi and together they have three beautiful little girls and an American Bully
named Bella.

 She is also the
founder of B. Empowered, a space created to encourage others to be the change,
to be empowered to be the world-changers, the difference-makers, and the heart-changers.

B. Empowered to Share your Story!

Through Betzy’s own journey, she continues to be brave by sharing her story, her truths, her mess. Instead of allowing setbacks in her life to hold her back, she is determined to use her mess as her message of hope, strength and belonging. Her calling in life in to encourage and empower others in their own journey, regardless of color, race, religion, or legal status. She believes we must all have a vision, not division.

Betzy plans to continue her journey as an empowerment and
motivational speaker as well as an active community volunteer, leader and
advocate for immigrant and refugee rights. She is extremely excited for this
new opportunity and hopes to connect with others.

Over the past year I have gotten to know Betzy, and I can tell you that she is amazing! She has such a beautiful heart for others and is working hard to bring hope, encouragement, and motivation to others. She is sharing her story of immigration to shed light on this important topic and open up this conversation that we so desperately need to have. I’m excited for you to hear all that she has to say!

Connect with Betzy on her Facebook and Instagram pages!

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