TWP 058: Ashley Martinez – Take a Leap of Faith

Hey girl! Welcome to episode number 58, Take a Leap of Faith!

In this episode I get to chat with Ashley Martinez. Ashley is a native Texan and Texas A&M graduate who moved to Colorado on a wing and a prayer. Here she is, seven years later and life has been nothing short of a huge blessing and a wild ride. She’s a mama of two and wife to her very own “Chip Gaines” (who helps keep everything running smoothly on the back end of her business)! She is the owner of Down Home Boutique in Severance, Colorado.

Former teacher and serial entrepreneur, Ashley loves watching businesses grow, building relationships, and spending lots of time with her family. If she’s not busting it designing flat lays and choosing new pieces for the boutique, you can most likely find her enjoying time with her family, working out to some awesome workout videos (for real, they’re the best!), or cooking up her favorite southern dish!

Take a Leap of Faith in Life!

You’re going to love this interview with Ashley! She encourages us to take leaps of faith in our own lives! We talk about lots of different things but mostly about starting your own business, money and money mindset, self-care, and how important it is to jump with faith when life calls you to it. Ashley is a gem and I loved chatting with her! I can’t wait for you to listen!

You can connect with Ashley on her Instagram and Pinterest pages! You can also find her boutique on her website, and join the VIP group on Facebook!

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