TWP 065: Dayanna Valenciano-Luna – Aligning Your Purpose

Hey there! Welcome to episode number 65! Aligning Your Purpose

In this episode I get to talk with Dayanna Valenciano-Luna. Dayanna is the creator of AWAKEN the Goddess Within, Biz with a SOUL and Feed Your Soul and Discover Yourself Journeys to Costa Rica. All the programs invite women to awaken their magic within and enhance self-awareness. Helping them to let go of the belief systems holding them back.

Dayanna’s journey includes freeing herself from an unstable corporate career and a lifetime sense of unworthiness and aimlessness. This inspired her to pursue a deep inner journey that led her to her awakening to become a Transformational Life Coach and Energy Healer, helping women across the globe.

Dayanna has 20+ years experience in customer support and business development in the aviation and fashion industries. She holds degrees from different universities in the USA and Costa Rica in Business Management, Tourism and Hospitality. She is Certified in STEER Your Life Coaching®, a benchmark tool for emotional wellness. She’s also a Dale Carnegie graduate, a Reiki Master, Sujok Therapist and currently training for Hypnotherapy.

She lives in Miami and works completely virtually and serves both English and Spanish speaking communities. This creates the lifestyle she always desired, giving her the freedom to be able to travel with her family. Dayanna has helped women find their purpose, align their lifestyle to their business and obtain the inner-strength and clarity to have unshakable confidence and assertiveness.

I love this interview with Dayanna! We get to hear her story, as well as insights on learning to be in sync with the desires of our heart and the Universe. You’ll find lots of amazing nuggets in this episode!

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