TWP 066: Natacha Parris – Owning Your Whole Story

Hey there! Welcome to episode number 66! Owning Your Whole Story

In this episode I get to talk with Natacha Parris. Natacha is
known as an expert in raising a purpose driven family, an advocate for health
and wellness and a woman that is unapologetic about her love for God.

Natacha married her middle school sweetheart, Army soldier, and Drone Executive Alexander Parris. During their 23 years of marriage they have built an incredible and widely known family with 6 children. She has built her influence internationally as a result of sharing over 1,000 videos on social media and being the CEO of the global community Excellent Families, dedicated to teaching families how to be purposeful by mastering the four pillars: spiritual, physical, financial, and mental.

Natacha attributes the birth of her success to the commitment to her health. The impact of her juicing journey fuels her passion for health and now her international business to help others do the same. From her experience of building her family, community, and business Natacha says, ‘You will only find success and truly walk out your purpose and plan God has for your life when you challenge yourself to live outside of your comfort zone.’ Her story is a testament and her conviction is her motivation to keep sharing her expertise worldwide.  

I was absolutely blown away by Natacha’s story and her ability to be totally real and vulnerable. From troubles in her marriage early on with infidelity to being a former exotic dancer, Natacha walks fully in her truth and invites us into her whole story. Encouraging each of us to do the same.  She shows us how we can move forward in any situation, even when it’s hard. He strength and unwavering faith is truly inspirational!

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