TWP 080: Dr. Becky Broghammer – White Privilege

You’re listening to episode number 80. White privilege, systemic and institutional racism, and implicit bias. What do they mean and how can we do better?

In this episode I got to chat with Dr. Becky Broghammer. Becky is the founder of B Whatever Sunshine which was created in 2018. While doing her dissertation, she found that women need space, community, and support while moving through life. Therefore, BWS is a company focused on providing those things for women.

Becky earned a degree in Interior Design (BA) from Washington State University (GO COUGS). Her second degree is from the University of Northern Colorado in Educational Leadership (MA), and Higher Education & Student Affairs Leadership (PhD). Becky worked in Higher Education for 15 years. She served a variety of roles: teaching, mentoring, leading, and serving students and colleagues in student life, career services, student access, and equity & compliance.

During her time in higher education, she taught and trained students, staff and faculty on topics including implicit bias, privilege, equity, and bystander engagement. She was an administrator and adjunct faculty member at the University of Northern Colorado.

The mission of B Whatever Sunshine is deeply set in developing relationships motivated to create and design spaces. This is done both literally and figuratively. Allowing people to step back, breathe, and take care of themselves. As well as move forward toward growth and deeper understanding of themselves, their personal why and their impact on this world.

This episode is packed with knowledge and nuggets of wisdom! This wisdom will help us all be more informed so we can be better and fight racism.

To Lean more about Becky’s Understanding White Privilege course click HERE

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