TWP 087: Brittany Lamb – The Courage to Heal Deep Trauma

You’re listening to episode number 87. The Profound Impact of our Actions on Others: Finding the Courage to Heal Deep Trauma.

In this episode I get to talk with Brittany Lamb. Brittany is the founder of Think Fifty Twenty, a spot dedicated to utilizing your past experiences to build a strong future. Through investing in her own personal development and dedicating time to learning more about how the brain works, Brittany aims to share her insights, experiences and lessons with others. Her passion and purpose is to help others learn from their past to have the best future possible.

Brittany is a single mom to a 9 year old boy, Landon. She has her Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration, but has left the healthcare field to pursue her writing and speaking career. She is a Victim Impact Panel Speaker for Mother’s Against Drunk Driving, where she utilizes her past experience as a victim in a drunk driving crash to help others realize the dangers of drinking and driving. Brittany also speaks at schools on anti-bullying, encouraging teens to be themselves, and to realize how their actions can have an effect on others. Her dream is to one day be on a stage, speaking to thousands of people on her message of hope!

Brittany enjoys writing, and is in the process of writing her first book. She is training for a marathon, so running takes up most of her free time. Family means everything to her, and she spends a lot of time with her boyfriend, parents, brothers, and sister.

Brittany’s message is that we can all find the courage to heal deep trauma in our lives.

Her story is heartbreaking and so inspirational. She talks openly and vulnerably about someone else’s actions impacted her life in a big way. She uses her experiences as an example to all of us as to how healing is possible.

You will be so inspired by her story that encourages us to heal and grow in our own lives, as well as be aware of our choices that could greatly impact many lives!

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