TWP 113: The Healing Journey with Andrea Stallsworth

Andrea Stallsworth is a wife, mama, daughter, sister, friend, and entrepreneur. But most importantly, she’s a woman who’s healing and growing. Rising from the ashes of a difficult childhood, bullying, low self-esteem, an abusive marriage, and single parenthood, she’s on a mission to share her story.

Andrea was diagnosed with a hair-pulling disorder called Trichotillomania when she was twelve. This condition was ammunition for bullies during her growing-up years and became her full-time secret.

After 30 years of keeping this secret, Andrea decided to share her story and free herself from the chains binding her. Since then, she’s been living her truth out loud! She’s been through a transformative journey, leaving her happier and freer than she has ever been.

Andrea hopes to use her story to help people of all ages overcome the trauma that comes with bullying and self-hatred.

Connect with Andrea:

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