TWP 115: Forging Your Story with Megan Febuary

Megan Febuary is an Author and Trauma-Informed Book Coach. Her expertise in the body as a storyteller has been a healing support for hundreds at story workshops and embodied healing retreats. As the Founder of the global storytelling brand, For Women Who Roar, a 100k+ community from around the world, a publisher of the online magazine which has featured over 1000k+ stories of women, and as the Creator of the growing Book Year platform– Megan has guided hundreds of women through the process of writing their books and healing their stories. Over the years, she has been called a master guide for all things writing and creativity. Praised even by the queen of creativity herself, Julia Cameron, Author of The Artist’s Way, who called her work “powerful and far seeing.” She currently resides in the Pacific Northwest and is writing her next book.

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