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What a Headache Taught me About my Life

April 2018

I was worried that 6 weeks of daily headaches meant I had a tumor or something major going on. I had put off calling the doctor for fear of what she would say. But I did finally pick up the phone. Much to my relief, the doctor knew right away that I was having high blood pressure headaches. A prescription in hand I headed out the door, thankful it wasn’t anything more serious but wondering what had caused the high blood pressure.

Thankfully the meds helped immediately but I was on a mission to get off them as quickly as I could. The plan: Lose 15 pounds by the end of summer and decrease my stress levels.The reality: It is now almost March and I have not lost the weight, nor have I decreased my stress AND the headaches came back with a vengeance in January.

I went back to the doctor in February hoping to get a simple fix of an increase in meds and be on my merry way again. Surprise: my blood pressure levels looked great. She could not tell me why my headaches were back but suspected a tension headache. A new prescription in hand and a lot to think about. The new meds help but as soon as I stop taking them the headache is back.

Four kids, a full time job, a volunteer ministry position, a husband that coaches 3 soccer teams; it all leads to STRESS. I have spent a lot of time the last few weeks thinking about what to do to ensure my headaches go away and honestly, the answers I am coming up with will take a lot of work. My hope and prayer is that I will have the endurance to run the race and that the finish line will be sweet.

Find My Joy

I have a tendency to feel dark and depressed rather than upbeat and happy. I fully understand that happiness is not always obtainable but I hope to find my joy, my lasting good feelings. For me, this comes from my faith and trust in Jesus. Find your joy and hold on tight to it.

Take Care of Me

A few years ago I was on a journey to do my first triathlon and run my first half marathon. Both were achieved and I felt great. However, I let a pitfall completely steal my thunder and I just quit. I am determined to climb that mountain again, no matter how slow I go! Make a goal, then take a step towards it.

Call a Friend

When I get depressed I fold inwards, I turn away from those that love me. It is time to open up, to be real with those I am safe with. For me, this is my girlfriends. I have started meeting with a few precious friends on Sunday mornings before church. This is a time that is not already busy with another activity and will not take away from family time. I am so thankful to have friends willing to join me on my journey. Find your friends, the ones you can trust and who will hold you up.

Trust my Voice

For too long now I have hushed my voice, believed that no one was listening. I believed the lie that what I had to say was not important. A huge first step for me is writing for the We Spot. I am working on my voice at home and with those I love. Find someone who will not only listen but will hear you.

Sometimes it takes our body yelling at us to finally make a change. For me, it was constant headaches. The changes will not be easy and they will take time but I am certain they will be worth it. I will be stronger, healthier and happier on the other side.

Jennifer Luscombe

Jennifer Luscombe lives in Thornton, CO with her husband, Tim. They have 4 boys, ages 21, 18, 11 and 7. Jennifer started working for the School District in Longmont last September after being blessed to be home with her boys for over 20 years. She has a master's degree in Counseling. Jennifer enjoys crafting, reading, swimming and biking. She keeps busy feeding her boys, watching them play soccer, and running the women's ministry at her church. She is excited to see where the adventure with We Spot will take her!

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