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What Dancing with My Husband Taught Me

I used to be the girl who was afraid of dancing. I was afraid to be in front of other people and worried about what they might think. Picture this: I can remember back to homecoming. Yes, that was many years ago, more than I am willing to admit. I was so nervous, I sat on the side lines watching the other couples dance. They looked like they were having so much fun. How I wanted to be one of those lucky girls. Standing on the sidelines watching. Little did I know that I too could be one of those girls.

A Sad, Sad Story?

You might be asking yourself, where is this story going? I can tell you that it will not be a sad story, but a story of finding yourself in an unexpected way. I can tell you this, that I have changed over the years. It can be easy to stop and say that you haven’t changed or say that others have changed instead. I think it takes a lot of self-reflection and honesty to say that you have changed. Change is not always bad, it can be for the best.

To get on with the story now. Have you ever felt this feeling? The feeling of watching others, hoping that you too can join in. I have felt the feeling of nervousness and uncertainty. I have felt the feeling of anguish hoping that I can too dance in front of others one day.

I, Too, Can Dance.

One day I met my husband and he was the one I had been waiting for. The one I was asking and hoping for. I finally felt like I too could dance. This is not a metaphor, but real life. I was so nervous to dance in front of other people, especially at weddings. I found that the majority of people just sat at the table and talked. Luckily, my husband is very outgoing and encouraged me to dance with him. He put his heart and soul into dancing. He looked like he was having so much fun. While I stood slowly swaying back and forth hoping it looked like I was dancing too.

Then I think I actually had an epiphany right then and there on the dance floor. I had this overwhelming sense of emotion that all that mattered was dancing with my husband. When this hit me, I cut loose and had so much fun. I probably looked like a flamingo, out of water, trying to fly, but it didn’t matter. I just let myself finally enjoy dancing and not worry about if someone was watching us dance. This is really a therapeutic feeling of freedom.

So, We’re Dancing, Now What?

I actually think of dancing as a little bit of reverse psychology in a strange way. How is it that when I was sitting on the sidelines I wanted so badly to feel the rush of dancing and freedom. Then, when I was actually dancing, I had the opposite feeling of being nervous and hoping I wouldn’t fall and have everyone see. I contemplated; which was the one I actually wanted to be? I can tell you that I am the person who broke free of the stigmas and enjoyed myself.

I encourage you to get up and dance next time. Don’t worry about having special moves or whether or not you are good enough to dance. Just do it. Just dance, cut loose, focus on the dancing and not the eyes surrounding you. You will feel great, you will have fun, and feel like you can do anything.

Now We Can Dance Together.

Dancing with my husband is one of my absolute favorite things I have ever done. We are the couple that really enjoy going to weddings and dancing until our feet hurt or knees give out. There is such a special connection and feeling when you enjoy doing an activity with another person. It fuels your soul and sets it on fire. This story is more than just dancing. It is finding something you love doing and just having fun. Not worrying about anything else or anyone else. It is about being passionate and living in that moment.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy.

Bob Marely got it right with this song. I try to remember the times when we are dancing on the floor having fun and only looking at one another. These are the times I keep in mind. The real moral is; don’t worry about others, just worry about yourself. Worry about your own enjoyment before worrying about someone else. We have to stop and take care of ourselves before we can be ready to help those around us. It continues to be a relieving feeling to not worry about if I am making a fool of myself, or if I pronounced something wrong at work, or even if I am afraid to speak up and ask questions for fear of being ridiculed. The feeling is that you get to be your own person and enjoy the life you have in front of you.

Now it’s Your Turn.

Now it is your turn. Are you going to dance, or just stand by on the sidelines, sit, and watch? I think you should also be up there dancing and having fun. Don’t just wait and wonder about the “what if’s” in life. We do only have a short amount of time, life is not guaranteed. We can dance, we can twirl, we can sing out loud and have fun. I really hope that you can find something to let yourself go and dive whole heartedly into. You won’t regret it. Just remember there are two sides of the worries you might be facing and thoughts you might be having. Choose which side you get to be on. That is the beauty of running your own show. 

I would love to know what you are passionate about and what makes you feel free and truly yourself. Let’s start a conversation down below in the comments. We would also love to hear from you on our Instagram @TheWeSpot.

Julie Giroux

Julie is 24 years young, yes young. She believes life should not be how old you age, but how much you live your life to the fullest. Currently she’s a Psychology student, with a designation of the mind, body and brain. She’s passionate about helping others discover themselves, but honestly just helping people. She’s married and has a pretty cool dachshund. Baking is her other passion in life, and she’s always trying new recipes. She’s excited to be a part of this group and can't wait to grow in this community, and make new connections!

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