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When You Feel Like Your Life is Falling Apart: 4 Things You Can Do Now

“Everything is falling together perfectly, even though it looks as if some things are falling apart. Trust in the process you are now experiencing.” — Neale Donald Walsch

Sometimes life can feel exhausting, meaningless and empty. We wake up in the morning and don’t feel like rising to the occasion of starting our day and the stress of life feels really heavy. It feels hopeless and consuming. When the stability we once knew is threatened, it can make us feel like things are falling apart.


“When everything falls apart and we feel uncertainty, disappointment, shock, embarrassment, what’s left is a mind that is clear, unbiased, and fresh.” – Pema Chodron.

When we experience challenge and transition we tend to focus on our fears. The fear that we’ll never bounce back, that our life will never be the same, that we aren’t capable of moving forward or that we will fail with great shame. The voices that fill us are those of doubt, judgement and self-blame and we can’t seem to get away from them! Pause. Pause between your thoughts. Notice that they are just your thoughts. Your mind is in a panic – not you. Pause and let your mind rest.

Accept where you are without judgement.

“If you can find the peace and clarity to accept where you are, you will soon have the insight to get where you’d like to go.” – Markus Almond

It’s okay to fall apart, melt, cry or collapse. Falling apart simply means you are surrendering to that voice inside that is trying to get your attention. There is nothing wrong with how you feel or what you are experiencing. Let yourself feel hurt, frustrated, overwhelm and sadness (or whatever is there for you). Be kind to yourself and don’t put any stress or pressure on yourself to feel anything other than what you feel right now.

Remind yourself that this won’t last forever.

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.” -Proverb

When we feel like we’ve hit rock bottom, the only place to go is up. We have to trust the discomfort and lack of control we feel and know that we can’t predict the outcome. The experience of not knowing can be really uncomfortable and it may not pass as quickly as we’d like, but it will pass. Give yourself permission to not know and trust that the answers will come. While it may appear that your life is falling apart, you may be just experiencing what it feels like to be broken open.

Surround yourself with encouragement.

“Beautiful girl, you were made to do hard things so believe in yourself.” – Unknown

While you may only be one person in this world, you may be the world to one person. Surround yourself with positive people who support and encourage you and ignore those who don’t understand your choices and decisions or who remind you about what went wrong. True support feels encouraging and you are never alone.

When you feel like life is crumbling down around you it can be hard to see the light. Sometimes things need to fall apart to make room for bigger things that are falling together. You will get through this. No matter how challenging things seem to be, take it one moment at at a time.

Amy Norris

Amy moved from the east coast in her early twenties to attend the Institute of Art in Denver. Little did she know how much she would love the area. She has been married to her husband for almost 20 years and together they are raising two bold and courageous teenagers in Loveland, CO. She works for a warmhearted non-profit and has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. Amy recently returned to her passion of writing, which fills her soul and gives her a voice to share her story through an authentic and raw heart. She hopes to inspire and enrich your life in this incredible community of women and remind you that you are so loved, always enough and oh so worthy in every way!

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    Needed that….thx!

    1. Amy Norris

      You are welcome!!

  2. Kristen Beatty

    Love it. It WON’T last forever – so true! Such great, straightforward advice!

    1. Amy Norris

      Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it.

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