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So, You Still Feel Drained as Winter Blues Drag into Summer

The seasons can directly impact how you feel. For example, high pollen counts cause all kinds of problems in spring. Yet, if you still feel drained as we enter summer, there could be a severe issue. From enjoying life more to changing careers, here are some of the top causes of the winter blues.

Nutrition and Your Health

What you eat has one of the biggest impacts on your health, mind, and body. Fresh vegetables and fruits are bursting with the vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients we need. A lack of any of these can make you feel awful. But it’s not all about diet. As you are aware, drinking too much can have a dramatic effect on your health. Even a small drink feels bad the next day. Hangover IV therapy can help replenish your vital fluids and stave off too much fun until next time!

Enjoying Life with Hobbies

You need to enjoy life more. Life is short, and it doesn’t make sense to go through it without trying to have some fun doing what you love. Hobbies are vital for happiness, and doing something you really enjoy a few times a week has a dramatic impact on your quality of life. Whether it’s getting out with a camera or just watching TV, finding what makes you happy will help leave bad feelings behind. Hey, you can even make a living playing video games today!

You Feel Drained in a Bad Environment

Sometimes, it feels like life is too much, and pressure can come from all around you. Being in a bad home environment is a major cause of mind, body, and soul drainage. And this extends to your relationships. 1 in 3 men and 1 in 4 women are in toxic relationships. Common signs include any type of abuse, withholding money, and controlling situations. As humans, we need freedom, and staying in a relationship that puts you down will make you feel much worse.

Your Job is Going Nowhere

Most people need to work. A good day’s work is good for feeling well as you are rewarded with serotonin! It also means you get paid well and increase the chances of future success. But quite often, we think our job is going nowhere, and sometimes that’s true. It’s a massive challenge to take the step to find a new career, and it requires a lot of effort. But there is no sense in feeling terrible day after day in a job you hate. Burnout, depression, and anxiety will be made worse.

Do You Have a Depressive Disorder?

Making changes to better your life is commendable. But all the fresh fruit, yoga, and enjoyable jobs in the world won’t fix a genuine medical problem. Sure, they can help, but they will often act as a bandaid. There could be underlying causes for how you feel, and you might have a depressive disorder. If nothing appears to work, you will find the help you need by seeking expert advice. Your doctor should be the first consideration. Reach out to a local therapist who can also help support you. If you’re thinking about suicide, are worried about a friend or loved one, or would like emotional support, the 988 Lifeline network is available 24/7 across the United States.


Finding healthier nutrition will help when you still feel drained day after day. However, the environment in which you live and work can also play a key role. Trying to be healthier is an excellent thing to do. But it could be the case that you also have an existing medical issue.

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