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Let Go with Fall: 7 Ways to Change with the Season

My favorite season is here, welcome Fall! The trees are beginning to transition and it’s time to acknowledge a similar change within ourselves.

The changing seasons can be a guide for us to learn how to let go of what is no longer serving us.

Letting go can have great challenges. Unlike trees, us as people are so used to holding onto and hoarding our past, current emotions and physical belongings. There can be this underlying fear that if we let go we will lose ourselves.

Lose Yourself in Autumn to Find Yourself

What if we have to lose ourselves with the changing seasons to find ourselves?

With this lovely time of year Fall teaches us how to let go. Sometimes letting go is detaching yet honoring whatever we have been experiencing with acceptance and compassion.

Like a tree that loses its leaves it lets go without frantically running around trying to hold on to summer. It is open to acceptance and unlimited compassion for whatever the time of year brings.

For us this transmutes into a way of being with what is.

The Magical Dance of Letting Go

Some leaves elegantly spiral, float and soar into the breeze creating a magical dance. While other leaves stay close to the tree’s roots, and after time passes, the leaves begin decomposing and become nutrients for the earth.

If we can move this into a metaphor for growth, there will be some things, emotions, or thoughts that we can lovingly watch the magical dance and then bid them farewell. Here, we can say “Good-bye and thank you.”

And then there will be some other things that we must be open to allowing to fall beneath our feet. In these moments we can stand, sit or lay ,and with an open heart we can be open to letting go with acceptance and compassion.

Allow Fall to be a Teacher

As an Autumn lover, being open to learning and growing with nature teaches me the beauty of change. This organic transformation brings me towards letting go of what is no longer serving me.

If you find yourself loving this Fall season, I have some helpful ways to change with the new season.

7 Ways to Change with Fall and Let Go

1. Learn from Nature.

Nature, especially trees during Autumn shows us the beauty in transformation. Observe, notice how leaves are transitioning becoming bold and vibrantly alive. Breathe in the cold crisp air and watch the wind blow the dead leaves off.

2. The Magic of Dance.

There is so much magic during Autumn and part of it is watching the dance of the leaves twisting and twirling. Acknowledge the magic and beauty around you and notice it in yourself.

3. Exhale.

Allow breath to be a guide towards letting go of what is no longer serving you. Breath will allow us to change with the season and especially with the exhale.

4. Let Go.

It’s time to let go of what is no longer serving you. We can do this as we look to nature for wisdom combined with exhaling. A way to let go is to shift your expectations. Changing the way, we think things need to be can be a huge way of letting go of unrealistic expectations.

5. Embrace what Is.

When we can reach for acceptance for what we are experiencing combined with compassion we will be more apt to change with the season.

6. Retreat and Rest.

It’s time to go within that beautiful heart of yours. Take time to nurture you, whether its sleeping in, going to bed early, or allowing an afternoon nap. You can retreat however feels best for you. The darkness is here to give us permission to retreat under our cozy blankets and replenish with rest.

7. Give Gratitude.

Abundance is everywhere, Autumn shows us this truth. It’s time when we wake up and before we rest our heads on our pillows to acknowledge and/or journal all we are grateful for. This can be as simple as writing, ‘I am grateful for’ and filling in the blank.

If you have made it this far, I know you love Fall and this transmutes into us having a growth mind-set/heart, and I am right here with you – loving this incredible season. I am wrapping my arms around you. Know we are in life together; you are not alone. I am here with you! I love you! Love, Shelly

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Shelly Bond

Shelly is an inspired mama of three living in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, in Estes Park Colorado. Waking up, she pauses and breathes deeply in awe of the beauty surrounding her. Reading and listening to books is an obsession that has transmitted into a love for writing. Chips and salsa are her weakness, and she survives on almonds and tea. Styrofoam is her kryptonite. She believes she is the funniest person she knows. One of her greatest pleasures is painting or writing whatever is on her mind or overflowing her cup. Being married, seventeen years, and blessed with a special needs daughter has taught her so much about herself. Learning how to battle with resistance, guilt, and opening to acceptance with love. Three years ago she embarked on a Yoga teacher training forever changing her life’s path. Guiding her into becoming a Reiki practitioner, she discovered healing is within us all no matter how big or small. Healing isn’t the endpoint, it’s only a part of the journey.

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